3 Mistakes you Might Make while Renting an Apartment

Renting an Apartment

Renting is obviously a great option especially if you’re just starting out just out of college and are not in any position to be buying a home. Conversely, it’s also dynamic that can often put the renter at a disadvantage especially if they don’t know their rights. Perhaps that’s why everyone’s bound to make a few mistakes when they first start out. 

Mistakes like not taking photos of the unit and not asking for a receipt upon paying the first and last month’s rent, which you should always do.

So even though you’re likely to make a few small mistakes like that there are definitely ways to protect yourself against the bigger ways you might get fenced over. The unfortunate truth is there are a lot of people in the renting world do not have the best intentions and are looking out for themselves and their money. Therefore, these are the top 5 ways that you might get tricked over when renting an apartment so that you can protect yourself with the help of some tips if you have come across some best apartments for rent in Dubai.

Landlords over Charging or Hiding Certain Feet

So in nearly every rental situation you’re going to have, some money down upfront. This can be anything from the first and last month’s rent to security deposit or moving Fees. First of all you need to make sure that all the fee that you are paying is the legal ones that your landlord can actually charge you.

Make sure that you’re clear on what is and isn’t refundable what you can expect to get back when you move out and how fees are calculated. In addition, just remember that you have every right to ask for receipts and documentation of every payment that you’re making.

Landlord Being Dishonest About Damages

As mentioned in the beginning, it’s really important to take photos when move into a new place ideally timestamp photos. This is especially significant if there are any damages or repairs that need to be made or old fixtures that may soon break. You must keep a record of these photos because if it ever comes down to your word versus your landlords on who damaged what. You would be surprised on how many landlords will lie. They would then claim that you cause damages can mean anything from them with holding your security deposit to them taking you to court. 

Of course in an ideal world you would never move into a place that has outstanding repairs to be done. But sometimes you can’t avoid it and what you must do in that situation is have a written record of telling your landlord that you demand those repairs being made along with photographic evidence that they were there. It may never become an issue but if it ever does you need to be protected.

Ineffective Management or an Unreliable Landlord

As a renter. You are typically not on the hook to pay for repairs needed in your place. It’s the landlord’s job to make sure that the building and the unit is both safe and comfortable to live in. Having a lazy slow or unreliable landlord means of those essential repairs are not getting made.

Also depending on where you live, there are often renters’ rights in place that allow you to withhold rent payment if essential repairs are not being made. Another thing that landlords are responsible for is giving you back your security deposit once you move out if there were no damages in the apartment that were your fault 

In a nutshell, these were some of the apartments rental tips that you must keep in mind while renting an apartment. It’s really important to avoid these mistakes otherwise you end up making huge losses and that’s not exactly what you prefer. Also make sure to consult with some experts and don’t forget to have a paper trail at every step of this rental process.


Are you up for renting an apartment? There are few mistakes that you might make. So just check out the article now.

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