Effects of Cutting Aarey Forest in life of Mumbai people

Aarey forest is a natural habitat to many birds, snakes and leopards. It is a lush, green spot in Mumbai. Every time when something is constructed this spot lost a bit of greenery. Now individuals, conservationists everybody came forward and did their bit by planting trees.

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aarey forest

An underground metro definitely improves connectivity to Aarey. It may save carbon footprints. But how much of the forest is going to get damaged in the process is a good question to ask? Plus how many years will it take to complete this project?

What will the construction noise and pollution do to the wildlife that already exists there? Even if equal number of trees is planted in how many years will they grow and compensate for habitat loss?

Negative Point of Cutting Aarey forest

As all we know Mumbai one heavy rain and this city are flooded, trains stand still, vehicles don’t move and holidays are declared. With global warming happening can we afford to disturb even a small bit of greenery for transport facilities?

I don’t know if the word justified counts in terms of individual opinion. The big question is:

Can we afford to disturb Mother Nature and her other children without consequence?

When nature retaliates humans are never prepared? Can Mumbai afford to drown further or get scorched in summer? Think about it.


When you just think about cutting off 2600 trees, then yes anyone will feel that it will destroy the nature. But if anyone weighs the long-term benefits then it will not appear as same.

Mumbai is a city known for its huge traffic. A bus takes almost 20 cars off the road, but a metro takes off almost 20 buses off the road. As population of Mumbai is rising day by day and so is the traffic and pollution.

aarey petition | protest high court
aarey protest

The people who are protesting for cutting of trees are the same who protest for increase in traffic and pollution as well. Let’s say if government does not cut trees to get ground for metro construction then should they start evacuating people from the houses to get the land.

How many of the people will willingly leave their house or other properties for construction of metro or train routes. These celebrities who are protesting on twitter are the same who always prefer to travel in their luxury cars.

Delhi Metro Project overview as Aarey

But it is actuality that when metro construction had started in Delhi, people had to suffer at that time as well. Dust, road blockage, traffic jams were just few of issues they faced.

But today we have a world class metro system which is benefiting 47 lakh commuters every day and now Delhi metro saving time as well as pollution in Delhi which shows that Aarey metro project will also do the same for Mumbai people.

I do not support development at the cost of nature, but this development is also to benefit the nature and the common people. Government is not building a mall or a residential complex but another commute option.

Whenever I am stuck in traffic for 1-2 hours the only thing I wish for is same metro system as in Delhi or Dubai in my city too.


As per the current High Court stay order restraining the MMRC from cutting trees in the Aarey forest area it seems like the court has taken the decision since a vast majority of Mumbaikars are against the felling of trees since it can cause more flooding than before and even more in the airport area.

aarey petition protest high court
aarey petition protest high court

Therefore even if a certain amount of people are supporting the Metro, the vast majority does not seem to as they are well aware of the consequences that can happen in the near future.

But recently high court dismissed petitions to declare Aarey and high court refused to stop felling of more than 2600 for metro car shed project in Aarey forest.

Around 1800 of the over 2600 trees to be felled have been cut last night. And according to sources the remaining are expected to be cut today.


The main problem with these environmentalists and protesters is that they make a lot of noise when trees are cut for developmental purposes. But what is their contribution in tree planting? Long stretches of roads do not have any trees on their sides. Lots of barren land lay barren waiting to be encroached upon by land sharks.

aarey petition protest high court

Why don’t these concerned people plant trees on these places and protect them? Or, why don’t they urge the Govt., to plant trees on these places? Why don’t these environmentalists urge the public to plant flowering or decorative plants in pots and vacant places around their homes?

Every tree, every grass contributes to the ecology of earth. But when developmental projects are undertaken it may be inevitable to cut some trees. It has to be seen that barest minimum of trees are felled if it is inevitable. However, planting of trees is to be taken as a continuous activity.


The current agitation being led by Bollywood actors, activists, NGO’s and few citizens is primarily with the shed being constructed under the Metro 3 project. I am agreed with the fact that a lot of protesters are not aware of the actual facts and being misled by the NGO brigade with half trusts and complete lies.

I would like to address them because while engaging in debates some of the people have mentioned that they are not “opposed” to the idea of Mumbai metro but only to the construction of the metro shed 3 at the “Aarey Forest” which are the “lungs” of Mumbai etc.

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