Airpods pro latest noise cancellation, water resistance, iOS 13.2, and more

Apple refined their previous AirPods and manufactures a comfort, new class of headphone

AirPods Pro

I just say the design is just perfect somehow apple also surprises us with the final product, leaks cannot do justice to that product these things are smaller than I thought they are very short and less heavier than the predecessor AirPods to their 5.4 gram now versus 4 little here. Overall the design is like it looks good and it is easily distinguished that you are using the new one. They are truly superior to AirdPods standard or AirPods- or very interesting is on the stem there is a new touch sensor. It has a force touch sensor what happens it so it is not necessarily just a touch you actually you have to apply some force this be a form of 3d touch implementing into this in a way 3d touch is living on just different way here now along with that force touch sensor apple including a couple new force touch sensor that we haven’t seen on AirPods.

It comes with a customizable fit that blocks all the external noise and provide you a great experience of listening. You just naturally feel your music not your headphones.

Apple AirPods Pro is the only headphones with Active Noise Cancellation that automatically adapts the geometry of your ear and blocks all the noise coming from surrounding so that you can  focus what you are exactly listening.

It has an outward facing microphone which identifies external sounds even also has an inward- facing microphone listens inside your ear for unwanted sound, and eliminated with noise cancellation.

Power Pack Battery

The cable in the box is lightning to USB-C, unlike regular USB with the regular AirPods.

The complete charge will give you 24 hours of battery life to keep you and your Airpods Pro on the Go.

Silicone Ear tips (three sizes)

AirPods Pro

Three sizes are small, medium, and large and are of soft flexible silicone tips.

We know that there are some people whose ears are small, some are with medium ears and some are of large ears so these three different sizes are suitable for everyone.

Vents helps to equalize pressure, and you feel like there is nothing in your ears.

Boom Audio Quality

AirPods Pro comes with superior sound quality with Adaptive EQ, provide you consistent listening experience and your music sound is not going outside which means no one is going to hear what you are listening. We all know the previous AirPods do not have Adaptive EQ. But this is something insane and I am pretty sure you all going to Love it.

Is AirPods Pro Water Resistance?

AirPods Pro is sweat and water resistance and you can use it while doing exercise. AirPods Pro tested in laboratory and has a rating of IPX4. Only the AirPods Pro is water resistance not charging case.

Bluetooth Connectivity

As like second Gen it is also have Bluetooth connectivity of 5.0 which enhance the connectivity and easily pair with devices. Many people have a doubt that is it easy pair with Non iOS device?

  • The answer is yes but it is not that much easier as it pair with iOS.

Price of AirPods Pro

AirPods Pro will be available only in white color for $249 and are available to online store or Apple directly in the US and more than 25 other countries. You will get AirPods pro from October 30 and be available in stores beginning later this week.

Apple released iOS 13.2 on monday, which adds compatibility for the new AirPods with the iPhone. The new software update also adds all the stuff from the beta: Siri privacy means now you allow deleting siri histroy, you can also add new emojis, Deep Fusion camera will improve your photos etc.

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