It is difficult to teach students with dyslexic from one setting to another. The objective of the Akira Dyslexic school program, which aims to support a dyslexic child, is to prepare him for success. This consists of teaching coping methods to help overcome learning difficulties, but also recognizing and being capable to develop a student’s talents. Are you looking for schools for dyslexia in Hyderabad, do not think it is very difficult because there are only a few schools in that Akira-edu is a top-ranked dyslexia school for autistic children. One of Akira’s unique features is to provide special treatment and assistance to students who are slow to learn or who have different abilities in their academics with remedial training, either during the preparatory sessions or the activity sessions. Led by means of capable and caring teachers and trainers.

Dyslexic children will not learn what is not said and must be taught in a “programmed” way, gradually building on what they have already learned.

How You Can Help Your Child:

As a parent, you may not be sure how best to help your child.

Read to your child

This will improve their skills of listening and vocabulary and encourage their hobbies in books.

Share reading

They both read part of the book and then discuss what is happening or what could happen.


You may be bored of reading your child’s favourite book repeatedly, but repetition will strengthen their understanding and allow them to become familiar with the text.

Silent reading

Children must able to read their own to encourage independence and fluency.

Make reading fun

Reading should be fun, not a chore. Prefer interested topic books what your child wants to read and make sure that reading takes place in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

Parents also play an important role in improving their child’s confidence, so it is important to encourage and support your child while he is learning.

Dyslexic Board Games:

With multi-tangible learning being an immense hit for dyslexic students, it makes well then that utilizing board games to learn could very much accompany benefits. Here we have five reasons why this could be the situation.

1) Board games are inclusive.

This will help to reduce social anxiety, boost self-esteem and form confidence.

2) Board games are fun, thus promoting engagement.

Utilizing board games to learn is fun, and some way or another reduces the boundaries to a commitment to learning.

3) Board games promote dyslexic strengths.

With the general idea of board games, they present a chance to build up those strengths in an engaging and safe environment.

4) It is major part of multi-sensory learning.

They all appear to have some point at the centre of the gameplay so utilizing board games with educational content that includes kinaesthetic, audible and visual encounters will serve to enable that immensely significant learning content to be retained.

5) Board games can be used to revise in a fun way.

We need to recollect that not every person is the equivalent. No two dyslexic students have the very same educational needs or difficulties, so being available to attempting various methods for learning is exceptionally imperative to see which strategy works.

Tips for Parents of Children with Learning Disabilities

·         Applause your kid when he or she does progress nicely.

·         Know the ways your child learns best.

·         Discover how your kid learns best.

·         Let your kid help with household errands.

·         Parents must read progressively about how to help their kid in doing schoolwork.

·         Talk with other people whose kids have learning disabilities.

·         Meet with school personnel and help build up an educational plan to address your kid’s needs.

·         Build up a positive working relationship with your kid’s teacher.

On the off chance that you are a supporter of learning disabilities and are searching for motivation and information about studying with dyslexia then The Studying with Dyslexia Blog is for you. Welcome!

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