Anti cancer medicines

Anti cancer

“Cancer” is the term we give to a large group of diseases that differ in type and location but have one thing in common: abnormal cells that are growing out of control. Under normal circumstances, the number and growth of all our cells is a highly controlled mechanism. But when the control signals in one of these cells go wrong, and its life cycle is disturbed, it divides and divides. It continues to multiply uncontrollably, and the result of this accumulation of abnormal cells is a mass of cells called “cancer”. The drugs used to treat cancer are anti-cancer drugs, when we hear about anticancer drugs, most of us immediately think of chemotherapy. So there is now a full range of different cancer drug treatments as an alternative to cancer treatment for patients who do not offer chemotherapy and therefore do not act indiscriminately against rapidly dividing cells, but instead aim. -Manufactured, tailor-made and focused, targeted. For the purpose of hormone therapy, there are substances that strengthen the bones (bisphosphonates), drugs that work with the immune system. Hormone therapy, steroids, the latest anti-cancer drugs are called biologics.

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