Artificial intelligence is the new normal. It has the potential to transform the way we perceive things and technology. It is that department of technology or its wonder that has the power to transform how brands approach customers and promote their business in the market across different social media applications like Facebook, Twitter, Connected India, etc. 

AI or Artificial Intelligence, in a lay man’s language, can automate all the tedious tasks associated with social media management. It has allowed companies to reach out to customers or their target audience in a much better and effective way that not not just reduces their expenses but also allows them to reach out to millions of customers at once. 

Artificial Intelligence

If you do not know or have doubts about Artificial Intelligence, here’s a quick explanation. A company wants two main things, more profits and expansion. The increase in the number of profits would ultimately lead to expansion of the firm. However, what drives more profits is the way companies execute different sets of activities on the social media platforms. 

This is where Artificial Intelligence plays its part. AI helps marketers understand the complex nature of their target audience. Using AI tools and methods, companies can skyrocket their performance by influencing more people through effective marketing strategies. It further increases the efficiency of managing people and communicating with them. 

Artificial Intelligence is a method that makes software and machines smart. When we say smart, we mean that machines become robots and can do their work themselves without any human intervention. Unknowingly, all of us use Artificial Intelligence in most of the things we do these days. Right from operating our social media accounts to watching televisions, we use AI in one form or the other. 

The best example of Artificial Intelligence is that of Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. Both of these are the world’s most popular streaming channels. All the streaming channels including both of these use AI to offer product recommendations whenever you open these applications in your phones or computers. 

Use of Artificial Intelligence in Social Media 

Artificial Intelligence has become one of the major components in popular social media applications. To begin with, let us take an example of Facebook. This is perhaps the most popular application. You must have an account on this social media application. Facebook uses AI while you upload a photo to it. It automatically recognizes a face in a photo and recommends to tag that person. Similarly in LinkedIn, you get job updates based on your past search results. 

These are just a few examples of how Artificial Intelligence works in social media applications. Because of these reasons, AI not just helps companies in promoting their brands, but also helps customers in making the best use of social media applications. It is because of AI that social media users can again look at things, products and services that they had searched weeks before. 

AI saves information in the form of cookies, etc. Hence when a user opens his social media account, AI recommends him products and services that he searched earlier. It helps companies to keep up their promotion and also helps customers to select the best product among hundreds of options kept in front of him. 

It also reduces the cost of advertisement as companies do not have to invest every time to promote their ads. Once an ad or campaign is created, it keeps on running for an unforeseeable period of time until a company wishes to stop with it. 

We hope that in this article you have understood the power of Artificial Intelligence and how it has  made Social Media applications the best marketplace for the companies. Do let us know in what ways AI helped you. 

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