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Arts is one of the most revered and oldest subjects in the world. C.V Raman University has created a benchmark in arts education and takes part in the molding of some of the brightest minds in the field of arts to stand out differently from the art colleges in Patna

There are a lot of common misconceptions about education in arts, and in this blog, we will try to bust some of them. Arts as a stream appeals to many students, although a lot of them hesitate from taking it up, due to the lack of opportunities surrounding this bachelor’s degree. In this blog, we will be exposing these myths.  

Here are some key benefits of getting an arts degree:

  • Improves creativity: Studying arts allows students to think broadly about various subjects including history, art, politics. This broadens their minds and increases their level of mental creativity. 
  • Flexible career options: A lot of people believe in the myth that studying arts limits one’s career options. This is not true. Education in arts opens up many career opportunities in fields such as media, business, administration, and language.
  • Improves communication skills: Pursuing graduation or post-graduation degree in arts allows students to learn various languages like English, Hindi, Sanskrit, Foreign languages, etc this in turn help students to communicate their opinions and perspectives easily and effectively in their professional as well as in social life.
  • Improves research skills: The type of assignments that students have to complete, require a lot of nuanced research. Students get used to the idea of doing detailed research. They also have to structure all of their research in a way that is clear and can be used to argue their points.

Some career opportunities after graduation:

It is a very common misconception to believe that an arts degree limits an individual’s options in terms of career. Arts courses are different from other courses like technical courses, which train students to prepare for a specific career path. Studying arts in CVRU Bihar would be a better option because the faculty gives the students individual attention, as opposed to many art colleges in Patna.

  • Teaching: Good written and verbal communication skills make sure that the students who graduate from art courses are extremely well equipped to become efficient teachers. After completing a Bachelor’s in Arts, one can do a B.Ed to prepare to be a teacher. A B.Ed can be done in conjunction with joining a public school or private school as an assistant teacher. 
  • Media and communications: This is a really good field for anyone proficient in communication and debate, and the ability to convey information. There is no end to the type of career opportunities in the media sector. One can choose from print, broadcast, and multimedia. Newer options include digital media marketing and content management. 
  • Interpreters and translators: If a student is passionate about learning any language, they can do a Bachelors’s course in that particular language and then take up the job of interpreter or translator. Some major fields in this are language teaching, linguistic software management, and many more.

Anyone who pursues arts is in huge demand for editorials, as a content or blog writer, and similar opportunities that require research and publication.

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