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The Author of the book ‘The Real Man‘ is Mr. Julian Ray, who by calling is a business visionary, he possesses a buyer items exchanging organization, providing to chain stores around the world.Julian has voyage widely for his entire life, and had the favorable luck throughout the years, of meeting effective designers, dignitaries, agents and craftsmen.

He has a way of thinking of deciding to just accumulate the great attributes all things considered and overlook a portion of the segments that sometimes fall short for him; subsequently he perceives and keeps up companionship with individuals from an expansive scope of ethnicities and societies.

He has figured out how to keep up a success/win frame of mind and keep concordance with intense individuals and requesting business partners, to the degree that he needs to easily oblige two extremely clashing musings in his psyche towards those individuals, yet all things considered, keep on concentrating on making the best choice, for the common great of everybody included and in general self-assuredly advances towards his objectives and missions.

He has lived and worked in Los Angeles, Madrid, Osaka, Tokyo, and now settled in Hong Kong. He is in every case inside formed, regardless of what occurs around him. He is aggressive, and reliably flourishes for what he needs to accomplish however he enjoys himself at proper occasions with a wide scope of diversions comprising of Latin moving, theater exhibitions and dynamic games.

Moreover when he makes a guarantee to himself to keep up a strong fellowship or an association with somebody, at that point to him, it is constantly unqualified and reliable paying little heed to the outcomes and nature.

His center business is running his exchanging organization, in addition to he additionally appreciates learning improvisational theater, learning standup parody, figuring out how to play drums and playing soccer with his dear companions in their soccer group.

He appreciates living in Hong Kong, especially for the dynamic quality and the delicious Chinese Cuisine.He is commonly clean and wellbeing soul. His energy is perusing books on brain research and development and now because of his way of thinking of imparting his insight to other people, he invests some time day by day recorded as a hard copy down the entirety of his priceless encounters in addition to for the explanation that he is conversant in communicating in 8 dialects, he has had the option to assemble data all the more altogether on individuals of various societies.

His book ‘The Real Man‘ is presently accessible in different book shops focused for men in their teenagers or more seasoned who despite everything don’t get ladies. It is for the most part Julian Ray’s life time strategic objective to help however many individuals as would be prudent, to concentrate on improving their EQ to associate without partiality or misconception with others.

(10% of the returns from the book will go to different causes.)

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