During the last decades, several trends in luxury products and food consumption have been observed. These trends imply changes in the social and economic environment as well as in the consumers’ lifestyle. Working patterns, higher employment rates of females, lack of time, and income growth, have led to increasing consumption of fast food, convenience foods, and food away from home. Simultaneously, the US citizens and citizens of the other Western developed countries have moved away from primary production. They procure the necessary food from supermarkets, grocery stores, and various kinds of large and small food stores. 

Effect of Urbanization on Food Packaging

Urbanization has resulted in increased consumption of processed food items and eatables packaged in custom rigid box packaging. Consumers are now seeking their food in packages on the shelves of food stores. Furthermore, and as a result of this consumer behavior, there is a growing interest in custom rigid box packaging as a sales promotion tool and a stimulator of impulsive buying behavior. Therefore, custom printed rigid boxes perform an essential role in marketing and branding communications, especially at the point of sale, and can be treated as one of the most significant factors influencing consumer’s purchase intention.

Furthermore, when developing new products or improving your existing ones, it is essential to understand how consumers perceive customized packaging boxes and innovations, their expectations, custom printed rigid boxes’ attributes they consider most attractive, and which information positively affects their buying decision to improve the likelihood for the product to be accepted. The use of wholesale rigid boxes and labels to lure consumers and to communicate product benefits directly on the shelf constitutes a competitive advantage factor in every sector and industry. Despite the vital role that packaging can play in attracting consumers’ attention and influencing their perceptions and purchasing decisions, many brands and rigid box manufacturers USA fail to reap the benefits of packaging on consumer preferences. Read more the general time.

Custom Rigid Box Packaging and Product information

The Packaging Republic believes that the consumers’ main product information requirements on the packaging are; nutritional information, product ingredients, expiry date, and origin. The majority of the consumers also believe that the expiry date is the first essential information element. Some of them indicated they usually read the nutritional information and the list of ingredients (for example, consumers looking for gluten-free products due to allergies).

According to some consumers, packaging design and color are mentioned as playing an essential role in

attracting consumers’ attention at the time of purchase. The color of the wholesale rigid boxes helps them distinguish the product according to their preferences. Moreover, most of the rigid box manufacturers USA believe that some colors, such as red, orange, or yellow, attract more consumers’ attention.

In addition, it is also widely indicated that the rigid packaging design of the food products is substantial to characterize the product inside it. The branding and packaging experts believe that the additional characteristics of the package, such as easiness to open, with re-sealable packaging or packaging with a lid, are considered positively in the consumers’ buying decision. Packaging size is often reported as a fundamental factor in their consumers’ purchase intent. Regarding the packaging format, the branding and packaging experts believe that there is a marked preference for the packaging structure.

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