Gifts and Greeting Cards for Diwali Celebration

Style Of Diwali Greeting Cards

The festival of Diwali brings with it much joy and happiness. Diwali signifies the faith of people in the goods that prevails on earth and brings with it the hope for peace and a happy life for all. Diwali greeting cards are one of the most fashionable ways of exchanging Diwali wishes with one another.

The importance of Diwali in the Hindu culture can be assumed from the fact that the preparations begin almost a month in advance and people starts shopping for gifts and decorations. All of this effort made to wish our loved ones. Thus, Diwali greeting cards are in great demand during festival time as it’s the most convenient way to send your Diwali wishes to your love ones.

There are so many Diwali card designs present on the market it’s sometimes hard to choose. The variety includes simple and graceful greeting designs to more elaborate and complex versions depending on a person’s taste and budget.

Designer Diwali greeting cards:

Instead of the regular greeting card which is rectangular in shape there are now a variety of Diwali greeting cards that are cut in the shape of lamps, Diyas and even sweet boxes. These cards are decorated with stones, lace and colorful art-paper to give the look and feel of the Diwali celebrations.

Diwali Text Messages:

From a simple ‘Happy Diwali’ to a more poetic version, the messages for Diwali greetings have surely become very creative. You will even find some cards with humorous Diwali messages.

Popular Diwali card designs: Diwali is the celebration of Victory therefore the greeting cards of Diwali also depicts the joyous celebration. Popular Diwali card designs include pictures and paintings of fireworks, lamps, diyas, sweets, decorated homes etc. Each Diwali card is filled with bright Diwali colours such as yellow, red, orange etc.

E-cards for this Diwali:

With the advancement of technology the cards have also become digital in this era. In the modern world you can easily send Diwali greeting cards to your friends and relatives abroad electronically over the World Wide Web. A wide range of Diwali card designs are available in the online market. Sending E-cards has a definite advantage over the traditional cards. They are paperless, free of cost and can be sent in 1 second at all. E-cards are available with music and animations. You can even order gifts and chocolates to accompany the cards online.

A personal message accompanied with the Diwali greeting cards will convey the warmth and the spirit of Diwali that you feel for your loved ones.

Gifts Idea of Diwali

Diwali holidays are just around the corner and the festive feeling has started making its presence felt. Every household is busy with their list of things they will need for Diwali. The shopping sales in malls and street stores are in full swing. Diwali wishes have started arriving and its time that you also started planning for the decorations, sweets and other elements of the Diwali holidays.

Diwali gift ideas are a great way convey your Diwali wishes with a real personal touch. Here is how you can add your own twist to the traditional gift ideas for Diwali;

Sweet packs:

Sweets say “Happy Diwali” in the same way flowers say “I love you”. The gift boxes available in the market are traditional. even as they convey to the receiver that you have put ‘some’ thought into the gift it may not say as much as you’d hoped. If you’re looking to be more personal and you have some time during the Diwali holidays, then It will take the time to make your gift special. Combinations of sweets in a box and arrange them in an interesting pattern such as flowers or in the shape of lanterns.

You can also arrange the sweets on flower cutouts and pack them with colourful transparent paper. Then decorate with bows and laces. Sweet packs make for great corporate gifts as well.

Clothes and Jewellery:

New clothes and jewellery are considered positive on Diwali. Keep in mind the receivers preferences in terms of their style, colour and cut.

Gold, platinum and silver are the popular metal choices for buying jewellery at Diwali. Gold bars, sliver notes etc. can also be gifted if you do not want to be too specific.

Many stores, both online and local, offer a huge number of corporate Diwali gift ideas, which you can order quite easily. You can also order personalised coffee mugs and photo frames for office gifting purposes.

Many big brands use promotional Diwali gifts as a means to convey their Diwali wishes to their loyal customers. These gifts include freebies on purchase like cash back offers, cash prizes, lucky draws, exchange offers, free servicing camps, extended guarantees and warranties, utility items such as utensils, purses, bags and even family holidays.

Diwali fill the heart of people into warm and positivity spread in the air.

Happy Diwali to all of you

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