The question comes in our mind after breakup is that how to forget someone love, I am sharing some tips on how to get over a breakup and move on in life.

Heartbreaking is something that almost everybody goes through this specially

It is at your time you love, you break, and you learn to love again and again and again

And the beauty of it is that you fall in love again and you break but then it always ends up healing you again.

Everybody teaches us how to love like movies, poems, Bollywood. Almost many things teaches us how to love but nobody has ever taught us how to forget some you love.

Some people don’t have broken heart because they gave their heart in early stage of life, so nobody can break it. You should do that, and then nobody can break it. Firstly we have to understand this,

What is a love affair?

I’m not trying to de-romanticize everything. Let say, you’re 10 year old. You looked around, the world was quite normal. But after you come into adolescent now you see world in different way. So this is because your intelligence has been hijacked by your hormones, so it is making funny things happening it’s making you believe all kinds of things. When you look back and see you will feel stupid, but it’s okay. Nothing is wrong about it but it’s very important that we have to understand what’s happening to us.

Otherwise we will do idiotic things that we may regret later. It’s not about morality. It is a question of managing our life logically.

This serial heart-break business can leave you paranoid about anything, about bonding with anybody in your life. You have serial heart-breaks it will look like fun for some time. After sometime, you just don’t actually trust anybody in your life,

Because another human being is a problem always only when our emotions allow you to cross that problem, in some way they get included. But if we have serial heart breaks we will never allow someone to break those barriers, we will always be cautions.

We all know that two bodies or two brains can do better than single one, in various aspects of life.

Because nature doesn’t care about your love affair, it just wants you to reproduce. That’s why nature is pushing us. Now most of us are more attached with physical relationships rather than emotional and feeling. This is not bad it is our body need so it’s not our fault.

Now the main question is how to forget someone?

Clear your mind and let go of your feeling for him/her.

Don’t go down that much so that you’re not able to respect yourself

Delete their all memories from your phone, social media, laptop etc.

Forgive him/her

Meet new people they’ll help you in moving

Now utilize your free time and make yourself busy

Share your story with your close one.

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