Jio Giga fiber India’s cheapest broadband

Mukesh Ambani Reliance jio industry introduced Giga Fiber and 4k setup box.

Advantage of having Jio Giga fiber

With Jio Giga fiber you can get the lightning-fast broadband speed up to 1GBPS and you can get a landline connection at no additional cost.

In other words you get a digital set-top box with opens up which gives you ultra-high definition entertainment, virtual reality content, multiparty video conferencing, voice enable virtual  assistants, interactive gaming, home security, and other smart home solution.

Jio industry launch Gaming changing feature of Jio fiber

The speed of Jio fiber is 100 Mbps and it goes up to 1 Gbps, and it’s advanced plans will give you some extra feature like video calls from Tv and you are able to watch first day – first show movies at your home.

Video calls from your Tv which is firstly introduced in India by Jio and Jio also give you a great feature like video conferencing and now it is possible with Jio Giga fiber.

What are the tariffs of Jio fiber?

Jio fiber tariffs

Jio fiber tariffs are based on 4 powerful principles

  • Performance:

In US the average speed of broadband is 90 Mbps and now Jio is providing you 1 GBPS which is a great initiative and great revolution in the field of Internet in India.

Jio’s base plans will start at 100 Mbps

And go all the way up to 1 Gbps with ₹8,499 per month.

Simple Tariffs and plans


the price of jio fiber is 1/10th the global rates.

Jio Fiber plans between 700 – 10000 per month where 700 is basic plan and 8499 per month is Premium plan. and this is excluded of 18% GST. In other words you have to 700 plus 18% GST too.

  • Pay for only one service

Voice calls from home to all over Indian operators will be free and Lowest fixed-line rates for international calling. It is very beneficial to those whose family member live outside India.

The price of unlimited international calling for US/Canada is 500/month

  • Simplify Content purchase & consumption

People are buying a different kind of subscription just to watch our favorite movie, series, like sacred game etc.

Jio Fiber plans to come bundled with Most popular streaming services

Jio fiber Bundled with subscriptions to most leading premium OTT application because

Premium Jio fibers Subscribers will give you access to watch movies same day as their theatrical issue in other word, you can watch the first-day first -show movies in your home.

  • Jiopostpaid plus

It is priority sim setup and MNp service however you not need to visit store. The official Website for registration for Jio Giga-fiber is

Do many questions arise that how can we register for Jio Fiber boardband service, Jio fiber online registration?

Just simply go to

  1. Set your location by pointing the arrow
  2. Select your address category, is it work address or home address
  3. Fill your full name
  4. Enter your Email ID
  5. Fill your mobile number you’ll get an OTP, fill the OTP

The launch date of jio giga fiber and 4k setup box

Official Launched date of Jio Giga Fiber is 5 September

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