Let’s Travel in the Past and watch the Development of the Crane Trucks

Each and everything that is invented in this world has some purpose; from the most common and smallest to the valuable and biggest. You must have wondered as to how and when the cranes; not the bird but the machine was created and then was attached further to a truck?

What is a Crane Truck?

When you are buying a used Crane Truck for Sale; it is important that you know all there is about the machinery. The basic structure, the different other parts attached and even the background of how it was created.

The Basic Structure

The crane truck is also known as a mobile crane. It is basically a crane mounted on a carrier which is also a truck. You can easily place the crane onto the crawler and take it wherever it is needed.

The Main Carrier

It is basically a truck that has a carrier at the back on which any other machine can be attached. In this case; a crane can be fixed on it and taken anywhere you want. One advantage of the truck is that the crane doesn’t have to be dismantled and taken at other places.

The Lifting Crane

The crane is called the upper part of the vehicle. The buyer must fully understand that there are many types of cranes that can be attached to the truck. These attachments include a simple hydraulic crane, telescopic, tower type, boom crane, loader and an overhead crane.

Different Parts of used Crane Truck for Sale

It has been explained above that the crane truck is a machine in which a truck or crawler has crane attached to it. The truck or crawler is a simple vehicle like all others; whereas, the crane that is attached to it has 7 components.

  1. It is the tall metal framework attached to the base of the whole structure. It is used to place various other pieces of the crane. This mast can be stationary or can be moved in all directions.
  2. The Slewing unit consists of several parts which enable the crane to position, rotate, lift and lower various heavy items. When you go and buy the crane truck from Truck Forklifts; you have to check this part.
  3. The cabin for the operator is either at the base of the crane or on the top. The most common placing of the cabin is above the slewing unit; for the operator to view the movement.
  4. The horizontal operating arm of the crane is called jib. There are many kinds that can be moved up and down; whereas, the simple jib is fixed. But there are also counter jibs to balance the load hoisted up.
  5. For each type of weights and objects, different kinds of hooks are used. You have to select the hook type very carefully for the crane truck or you can buy multiple hook attachments for various items.

The history behind the Creation of Crane Trucks

Have you ever thought as to how and for what reason the simple crane developed and was fixed onto a truck? In order to answer this question, you have to go back in time when the very first crane was invented and used.

The Legendary Stonehenge

There are several archeological sites that still baffle historians, scientists and archeologists; the Stonehenge is one of the sites. The local legend says that the Druids used their powers to lift it. But historians believe that crane was created and used at that time.

During the Bronze Age

The simple pulley was used as a crane during the Bronze Age to pull water from rivers and used for different purposes. This was the very beginning of the idea of the crane in the 3000 BC.

Used to Build Pyramids

Archeological findings near the pyramids and other architectures of Egypt have revealed that a structure closer to that of the crane was used to lift, lower and pull the heavy blocks. The pulley system introduced in the Bronze Age was used here as well.

Greeks Constructed Temples

The proper development of the crane was seen in ancient Greek during the 6th century BC. Nothing is known about the inventor of the crane but it had a pulley along with additional features like the mast, winch and a ramp.

Romans modified it Further

The crane of the Greeks could only reach a specific height but the Romans modified it further for their use. Trispastos was the initial crane developed by Romans which had three pulleys. Pantapastos consisted of five pulleys and Polypastos could lift weights from both sides.

In the Medieval Age

The painting that belonged to the Medieval Age shows that the cranes created by the Romans were altered. There were many craneslike; marine, crane wheel, wooden crane and treadwheel.

Development of the Crane Trucks

Sir William Armstrong was the mastermind behind the invention of the modern crane. The modern version of the crane was called the hydraulic crane. But it was very difficult to move it from one place to another; because it had to be dismantled first. But after 1870 the cranes were placed on different vehicles and the first crane truck was introduced. Now, you can buy whatever type of used Crane Truck for Sale that fits your use.

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