Protein is one of the most important macronutrients needed by the body for the generation of energy.

In addition to the generation of energy, protein is required for:

  • Keeping a balanced pH level
  • Building muscle tissue and its preservation during dieting or cuts
  • Energy source in the case where no carbohydrates available
  • Building and maintaining proper hormone levels
  • Necessary chemical reactions to take place
  • keeping the body’s immune system to function properly
  • Regulation of proper body fluid.

It can be found in various foods in various sources like eggs, cheese, milk, seafood, fish, chicken, poultry, lamb, beef, pork, veal, soy, nuts, and legumes. In these foods, the level of protein is very low, thus in the protein diet of athletes and bodybuilders, they are generally being ignored. 

Animal proteins are a source of complete protein with all the amino acids, other foods like vegetables have incomplete protein as they lack several amino acids. Over the last 3 decades, to overcome the need for all the essential amino acids, Protein Supplements became very popular. Because these are cost-effective than beef or seafood, convenient and lesser time consuming as no cooking needed.RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) for adults approx. 0.8-1 gram per KG of bodyweight. Athletes or bodybuilders are advised to take 1-1.5 grams per KG of body weight.

Protein supplements are a great source of nutrition that helps athletes and bodybuilders to achieve desired protein intake requirements. Different supplements available these days are Powders, bars, weight bars, weight gainers, and meal replacements.

We provide you with the best nutritional supplement brands with the best quality and are specially designed for bodybuilding and athletes. NUTREX and LABRADA are some of the best nutritional brands providing numerous flavors, from fruit-flavored powders, to cookie and cream flavored weight gainers and peanut butter flavored crunchy bars, etc.

Labrada Nutrition is a specially designed nutritional supplement brand for bodybuilders. Labrada Nutrition provides us with a wide variety of complete nutritional supplements such as Labrada 100%Whey Protein, BCCA, Mass gainer, etc. These supplements provide adequate nutrition and help in harder training and recovery faster.

Nutrex research supplement offers you the purest and highest quality nutritional supplements on the market. A wide variety of Nutrex supplements provide multivitamin, fat loss formulas, testosterone boosters, and amino acids. Nutrex research supplements provide 100% authentic products to claim the safest and best quality foods. Nutrex products are available in different flavors and different variants like vegan too. 

Nutrex Whey Protein is a tremendous source of nutrition for people of all ages who are providing the finest nutritional values. It is high-quality whey providing all essential and non-essential amino acids needed for a healthy and active lifestyle.

Labrada’s 100% Whey Protein is a very excellent source of all the required essential amino acids and exceptionally rich in the Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs), valine, leucine, and isoleucine. BCAAs are an important supplement of protein for athletes as physical training enhances the body’s demand. Labrada’s 100% Whey is available as gluten-free which is perfect for all the individuals who are gluten sensitive and must need to avoid gluten. It is the best for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and bodybuilders who needed the purest, highest quality protein available on the market. Available flavors in Labrada whey protein are chocolate and vanilla.


Primarily there are three types of whey protein: Concentrate (WPC), Isolate (WPI), and Hydrolysate (WPH).


WPC – contains very low levels of fat and carbohydrates.

WPI– WPIs are more processed with zero fat and lactose. It is usually 90% protein.

WPH – WPH is termed as pre-digested whey protein.

Benefits of Using Whey:

Effective weight loss: It has been shown in various researches and studies that those who take whey show great preservation of muscle and lose significant fat than those consuming different beverages

Takedown cholesterol: According to researches done in this field, People using nutrition powders show a noteworthy decrease in the level of total cholesterol and LDL.

Immune Booster: Taking whey in diet improvises the immune responses in young people. Promising results have been achieved with the patients of Asthama, whey powder showed significant weight loss in patients with HIV too.

Cardiovascular improvement and Blood pressure: It has been found that the diets which were supplemented with whey show a notable decrease in blood pressure for hypertensive patients and lowers the risk of heart stroke and diseases.

Adverse effects needed to be considered before starting a supplement

Few people are allergic to milk, specifically allergic to whey, in an adequate dose; it does not show any harmful symptoms or adverse effects. While uncontrolled or unplanned high doses can make you suffer with:

  • cramps
  • stomach pains
  • declined appetite
  • fatigue
  • nausea
  • headache

A steady high dose of whey protein may sometimes cause acne. Before starting heavy nutritional diets, you must consult with your dietician and physical trainer. Protein supplements are the best source for preserving muscles and lose fat effectively if consumed adequately.

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