Powerful Super Duper Bike

Revolt RV 400 Future is HERE, Electric Vehicle is future of bike so get ready to Build the future.

Mr. Rahul Sharma is Founder & CEO of Revolt Motors. He creates revolutionary in the field of bikes because of its India’s 1st AI Enabled Motorcycle it is fully controlled by mobile app.

You can access your drive simply by clicking into your phone also we can track this bike with the help of GPS and Revolt RV400 comes with no chain it has a belt drive we can say it is a fun bike and it is very stylish too.

Color Variant of revolt electric bike

It has two color variant one is  Red and the other one is Black.

RV 400 has three different ride mode:



3.sport mode

The revolt hasn’t revealed the motor capacity but we are assuming that it will be 3000 volts because the top speed of the bike is 85 KMPH.

And the battery should be 4 KWH could give a range of 156 km

And the battery will charge within 4 hours with a power input of 15 amperes. The customized bike sound Is one of the great features of Revolt  RV 400.

There are 4 different sound present in RV 400 which is :





It has a disc on both ends with CBS system.

There are two methods of charging one is charging through 15 amperes plug and second is removing the battery, take it home and charge it then put it back in. and going forward revolt has swap station where you can swap out the used battery and get a full charged new one.

It has a full led dashboard appear for displaying battery indicator and odometer and speedometer, and it also shows the mode of riding.

It has a mobile charging socket also the bike will be affordable to the Indian customers the bike has a portable battery option which is first in India for an electric bike.

the other electric vehicles present In India revolt comes with unique feature like a mobile operating start, online battery, Jio fencing for security, the battery indicator in real-time.

Price And Manufacturing Plant

The Revolt has set up a manufacturing plant in Manesar that has a capacity of 1.2 lakh unit in its first phase. And the bike is 70% localized than the price of the bike is 90k to 1 lakh but if the bike is not 70% localized than the cost of the bike is around 1 lakh to 1.2 lakh.

Launch Date of RV 400

The bike will  gonna launch on August 28,  2019

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