Right Foods To Take For Pregnant Women Are?

When you are pregnant it is good to take a healthy diet which provides you so many nutritions inside your body which is helpful in the development of your baby.

So, if you think you don’t know what exactly to eat in a day while your pregnancy you can gain that information over here. Some of the foods to eat in your regular diet list are here let’s see some of them. 

Before this you need to do one of the important things that if you take these foods you don’t get any issues with fertility issues. Suppose if you think you are facing any problems in getting iui success rate in chennai you can visit there to take treatment at the best price.

A pregnant lady needs more folic acid, calcium, protein, and iron which are the foods that women will never expect to eat this. But these are important to have daily to keep your baby healthy. Here are the details on why to take these foods.


Folic acid:

It is also called folate which is the food found in folic acid like B vitamin, It mainly helps to prevent the delivery errors in the spinal cord, and baby’s brain, which is called neural cell defects. That may be difficult to take the recommended quantity of folic acid in your regular diet.

That’s why most of the doctors will recommend you when you are trying to become pregnant. They suggest you take vitamin supplements including 400 micrograms per day which consider folic acid. If you take this in foods that will include in leafy vegetables, enriched cereals or fortified, pasta and bread, citrus fruits, beans.


Calcium foods are used to develop a baby’s bones as well as teeth. If the pregnant woman does not consume sufficient calcium, she will not get minerals and the baby bones will be weak and she needs to face extra problems when she is giving birth to the baby with some weak body.

So, it is better to take the dairy products which are considered with vitamin D, and also a nutrient that acts with calcium which helps to develop a baby’s teeth and bones. Some of the natural calcium foods are milk, cheese, yogurt, calcium-fortified juices, salmon and sardines with bones, few leafy vegetables like bok choy and kale.


Pregnant women require iron which remains double the quantity needed through ladies who are going to not expect. Additional substances of a mineral are also needed to produce more blood supply for the baby along with oxygen. Taking too small amounts of iron foods during pregnancy may lead to some severe conditions like anemia, a condition appearing in fatigue also that enhances the risk of diseases. 

To improve the absorption make sure to take an iron meal that is rich in iron foods. For example, take one glass of juice daily at breakfast. Some of the natural foods like meat, fish, poultry, peas and dried beans, iron-fortified cereal.


You need to take protein during pregnancy, that there is one research that most of the women are not taking protein foods that leads to over problems while giving birth to the baby.

So, it’s better to take protein-rich foods that need to be included in their daily diets, because that helps to develop important organs to the baby, like the heart and brain. Some of the food sources to get proteins are meat, fish, poultry, peas and dried beans, eggs, tofu, and nuts.

These are some of the foods to take to keep your pregnancy safe. When women are facing any pregnancy problems it is important to take fertility tests for men in Chennai to prevent the issues if anything has.

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