The Best Gaming Keyboards for 2020

The Best Gaming Keyboards

Gaming is not a hobby anymore, it’s a passion! When gamers want to build their gaming rig, they focus on the internal hardware equipment rather than any other thing. But once, you are done with the basic internal components, that could make your game run faster and better, you realize that a gaming keyboards is as essential as any other equipment.

Gaming keyboards can make you play the game faster and better. The better the peripherals, the better the gaming technique can be gained. You can find yourself comfortable with the keyboard, which doesn’t make your hand tired soon along with several other advantages. You can also check out the collection of Michael Jackson Costumes on Star Wars Jacket. Get hold onto a gaming keyboard that could compliment your gaming rig.

What to look for when purchasing a gaming keyboard

There are several things that you might look for when buying a gaming keyboard. Below are listed a few:

  • Backlight

The backlight feature on gaming keyboards compliments the game during night. The users can also customize the light.

  • Multimedia functions

The multimedia functions on a gaming keyboard can give you access to several features, such as volume control, social media, brightness and many others. The player can perform multitasking while playing the game.

  • Quality of build

The quality build of the gaming keyboard is essential for better gaming. As harder the keys are pressed by the players, the better the gamer performs. A metal back-plate ensures to prevent your gaming keyboard.

  • Budget

When you are looking for advanced specs in a gaming keyboard, it automatically raises up the price as well. You can get a decent gaming keyboard for around $100-$150.

Top 4 Gaming Keyboards

  1. Razer Ornata Chroma

Razor Oranta Chrome, is undoubtedly one of the best keyboards that you can find in the market. It has every essential feature that a gaming keyboard requires. It provides the tactile feedback of mechanical key press. It is also equipped with backlighting keys which makes it even more interesting for the gamer to cherish the games for a longer duration. It is the most considerate mechanical keyboard which makes you play the game without any worries of damage. The magnetic wrist rest is made of soft touch of leatherette which maximizes comfort over longer gaming sessions.

  1. Logitech G413 Carbon

We know how expensive gaming keyboards can be, therefore, Logitech G413 Carbon is one of the cheapest mechanical keyboards that could enhance the charm of gaming. The keyboard has red backlighting keys, which makes it fun to play at night. The media control function keys to control volume, brightness, play and mute are equipped on the gaming keyboard. The advanced features of Game Mode, 26-Key Rollover and anti-ghosting are what fantasizes the gaming keyboard.Brushed aluminum-magnesium alloy top case serves as the backbone of the keyboard.

  1. Das Keyboard X40

The interchangeable aluminum top panel of the gaming keyboard, Das Keyboard X40, increases the durability of the keyboard up to 60 million keystrokes. The red LED back-lighting comes along with a full n-key rollover and gaming mode controller. The keyboard is considered as one of the finest gaming keyboards available in the market. As additional components, the keyboard is equipped with two audio and mic-cables which is available with a gold connector. Media controllers are inbuilt via function keys in the gaming keyboard. Laser marked keycaps are accompanied with red color key switch plate and the gaming mode control to deactivate Windows key.

  1. Topre RealForce RGB 

Topre RealForce RGB comes at the top of the list of the best gaming keyboards in the market. The keyboard comes along with Actuation Point Charger and RealForce RGB which allows it to customize points for detecting key activations; with directly enhances the keypads performance up to 25%. The keys have velvety smooth feel which makes it comfortable for the player to indulge into longer duration of the games. The RGB-per key backlighting is available to enhance the gaming experience. The electrostatic capacitive switches are used and is compatible with Windows operating system.


Virtual gaming has become an essential part of our lives. Gaming is no more only a hobby, it is an occupation, a passion. Get a gaming keyboard which has backlight, multimedia functions and a comfortable design. Since there are so many options in front of you, you might get confused, so opt for the one that seems better and falls into your budget.

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