Top 3 Rules For Writing That Award Winning Dystopian Novel

Dystopian novels have been great success for a long period of time and many of the great directors have also made movies on them. Take an example of Harry Potter series and the Hunger Games series, these both are dystopian novels and have also made a lot of success in the movie market also.

Let us suppose that you are a writer and want to write a dystopian novel of your own. So, you can also be recognized in the world also and there might be chances of the movie on your novel also. I can give you some rules or tips on writing the novel by which it would come out be great just follow these tips while writing the dystopian novel.

Here are three rules of the dystopian novels

·         Most are set in the future

·         The world has a bad leader or bad government

·         Protagonist

Mostly Set in Future:

            You must have seen dystopian novels that are set in the future, this is normally done because the people or the reader love to explore about the future even if it is not good. They love to see new things rather than old and the past which have left behind so, by choosing the set in the future you can have a great boost in the novel.

Flawed Governing Structure:

            Pick one type of flaw and keep your story around it. If you change the subject of your story too often then it would be difficult to understand for the reader to keep up and would also bore him. If you want another part of the novel then try to end the novel in a confusing way (like something else had happened to the character or some other man take place of the bad guy.)

After picking up the flaw in the government structure try to resolve it at the end of the novel. And for the next novel try some new flaw. Don’t take the same story into three parts it will be boring for the reader.


            The hero of the novel must be a common man. Show his weakness and effort throughout the novel. By picking up the best man in the novel for the hero will be not good as he has achieved everything and would be easy for him to fight the bad guy. By showing the struggle of the hero will gain the interest of the reader and he would be relating him to himself which will keep him engaging in the novel.

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