What Are The Effect Of Warning Labels On Marketing

The effect of warning labels is negative. The person who is going to smoke when comes across the factual details regarding how cigarette will destroy his body with every breath; he will try to consume less. The effect of warning labels on marketing strategies is quite negative as the person going to start smoking may quit his idea after seeing the warning labels. It is also seen that after warning labels, the chain smokers also try to lessen their daily cigarette amount.

Effect of warning labels upon smokers:

The major impact on the warning labels upon the smokers has been estimated by researches done during different periods. The results of these researches also depict that many people show willingness after going through these warning labels. In a cross-sectional study at Italy termed as “Impact of cigarette packages warning labels in relation to tobacco-smoking dependence and motivation to quit”. The study finds that the effect of warning labels upon the user is quite surprising as the user reduce smoking up to 30 percent after going through warning labels.

When the smokers are passed through different kinds of warning labels such as smoking after the coffee is more dangerous than anything else and the kind of cancers the smoking can lead to, the after-effects of these warnings were quite positive. The people with the early stages of smoking tend to quit smoking at any cost. The chain smokers also tend to reduce the maximum number of cigarettes as they find it quite hard to leave the cigarettes at once. The effects have been quite positive in a single study.

According to another research, people do not take this warning seriously until unless someone draws light upon that. The positive effects of cigarette packs warning labels can be seen when people are done with the instructions and warning labels that are usually present on a cigarette pack and people tend to avoid that. when they carefully read the warning labels, the results seem to be astonishing as 14 percent of the population involved in the research reduced the daily rate of smoking. 5 percent of the sample population gets ready to quit smoking at any cost. The rest of the participants get agreed on switching onto the lighter cigarettes i.e. the cigarettes with less nicotine and tar. 

In another study, the researchers found that the overall smoker’s population usually has a strong belief after reading the warning labels that switching to cigarettes having low tar and nicotine can reduce the rate of diseases. These people get agreed on the hazardous effects on any quantity of cigarettes that is inhaled through serious communication and pictorial details. The fact is quite important to state here that women are more impressed by the warning labels than the man do. The 50 percent population of men in this study also agreed on the bad health effects of cigarettes. 


The above-mentioned discussion concludes that the warning labels on the custom boxes of cigarette packs do have a strong impact on the personal as well as marketing level. People get conscious of their health making cigarette consumption less and less.

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