Perhaps you don’t know it, but pneumatics are all around us and we face it all the time.

You are pneumatically under pressure any time you are on a bus, truck or airplane and is a key component for these cars to operate.


It may also be used in inflating objects such as your car tire, pressure sensors and regulators, and in pressurized air wherever it is. Pneumatic pressure is not found only in mechanical objects.

Festo Pneumatic Cylinder is a common way to make things work and operate, as they can be extremely powerful and reliable, with minimal maintenance needed.

Therefore in machinery and most modern devices it is so normal, and much of what we consider to be self-evident in our daily lives is not working.

What Is Pneumatic Pressure & How is It Used?

Briefly, this is the pressure of a pressurized gas. Several different types of gasses can be used to generate pneumatic pressure and compressed air is one of the most commonly used.

This can be used to form a plastic bottle from which we can drink, pressure the cabin on an aircraft and control the doors you see on a bus.


Inert gasses that do not have chemical reactions under certain conditions can also create pneumatic strain.

These are all colorless, smellless and have very low chemical reactivity. In total, six noble gasses are naturally occurring, including argon, helium, crypton, neon (Ne), radon (rn), and xenon (Xe).

With the use of a compressor, air can be pumped in a receiver and this air is kept in by the recipient.


In order to perform its function(s), the pneumatic system will then draw from the receiver.

What is a Pneumatic Pressure Switch?

Upon hitting its defined amount of pressure, this type of switch is to close an electrical contact. These are used in water pumps, an electric gas compressor in the household well, and even in aircraft cockpit.


What is a Pneumatic Pressure Regulator?

A primary function of a Festo Compact Cylinder is to maintain the output pressure constant. This means that a maximum flow needed at an expected regulated pressure, such as a controlled Pressure with near tolerances, can be achieved depending on the purpose.

How Is Pneumatic Pressure Used in Everyday Life?

You might be surprised at the number of things you unintentionally use or go through during your everyday life that are pneumatic pressures. You go to certain houses, see balls, have a dental drill at the door, past someone with a jackhammer from when you go public transport.

Doors for public transportation

The sound of the bus door may be thousands of times during your lifetime, and you did not think about it. Today, you should look at those doors completely different as they use pneumatic forces to set up opening and closing operations that lead to air release.

Brakes on heavy vehicles

The standard frequencies on your car will be inadequate to slow down such heavy objects with such a big weight behind them. To apply greater pressure to the braking system, air brakes are applied using pneumatic pressure that can then stop a heavy vehicle.

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