What makes Tungsten Carbide the Best Material for Making Men’s Jewelry?

Best Material for Making Men’s Jewelry

There are many reasons for tungsten carbide getting so much popularity. First of all, it is indeed the most scratch preventive metal at present. Additionally, it is the most cost-effective option available at present in the men’s segment. In comparison to gold, which is considered the most used metal for jewelry making, tungsten carbide is indeed much sturdier and enduring. Its weight is perfect to be worn. All these are the top reasons behind the men’s tungsten carbide wedding bands getting so much popularity these days.

Being highly user-friendly

Tungsten carbide is thoroughly user-friendly. The ease at which it can be removed from the finger is simply phenomenal. Interestingly, despite being sturdy, tungsten rings hardly change its shape. Even the most devastating thrust doesn’t make it change in shape. At the same time, there should be no reason to get frantic about its breakage as well.   

Free of allergy threats, colorful, etc.

Tungsten carbide wedding bands are preferred in the market as it suits all types of people. It is here to mention that these rings are free from attacks of any kind of hypersensitivities. This is considered the most hypoallergenic material used in modern times for jewelry making purposes.

Those who are allergic to wearing gold or silver can go with tungsten carbide without any kind of fear. At the same time, there is no fear of color fading and all associated with these materials. Its natural color is quite beautiful, as well. The natural color of the tungsten carbide wedding band is beautiful grey.

It comes with the most authentic gun metal form. The natural color of tungsten carbide is excellent. However, it can be further enhanced through different plating. As far as men’s jewelry segment is concerned, black and white plating is preferred to be applied with the tungsten carbide. Golden plating is highly used in contemporary times, as well.

Degree of toughness

Tungsten carbide is the sturdiest metal available for form jewelry for men. Its melting point is the highest among all at a whooping 6191.6-degree F. In terms of toughness, its rating is ‘9’ in moh’s scale. It means only diamond stays ahead of it in terms of hardness. Diamond’s rating is 10. One may check these aspects about the material while buying tungsten carbide wedding bands or any other kind of jewelry. 

While buying tungsten carbide wedding bands or rings, it is always recommended to ensure that the concerned store provides shock-preventive assurance. The reason is that when the tungsten carbide is maligned using other material, the threats of complete breakage become greater when superior shock or accident occurs. Though such instances rarely come, still because these are high-end in nature, it is better to have the assurance from the makers.

Every reason to be preferred over titanium and cobalt

Some people prefer titanium and cobalt chrome ring for men black. However, the fact says that tungsten carbide is twice, and even three times tougher in comparison to both titanium, as well as cobalt. The point is that there is every reason for the tungsten carbide rings or other forms of products to be more preferred over titanium and cobalt.

Moreover, one should not at all believe in various kinds of myths spread regarding tungsten carbide. The myths like tungsten carbide can’t be taken out during emergencies are rubbish. Rather, being user-friendly, it can be smoothly removed in a hassle freeway. All these aspects discussed above make tungsten carbide the most recommended material at present for making men’s jewelry. It is trendy, sturdy, and cost-effective in comparison. 

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